the Midget of Mischief and Mayhem!!!

Miss firefly is longer available to perform with the 999 eyes and is working exclusively in las vegas.

lLil' Miss Firefly is another freak performer who has been on stage for years, eating broken glass, breathing fire, and causing mischief all over the land. Miss Firefly embraces the word freak professionally as well as the hotly contested term midget, as you can see in your own words:

"My name is Lil' Miss Firefly The Midget of Mischief and Mayhem!!! I am a Sideshow performer I can breath fire, I like to take long walks on broken glass and, I also I like to walk, stand and lay on a bed of razor sharp machetes, but when I am really tired and want to catch some zzz I like to lay on a bed of nails. Hay its cheaper than a pillo-top. I am a human oddity I stand at only 27 inches small I am a FREAK... a MIDGET."