999 EYES Freakshow Plays Austin, TX OCT 28th 2023 @ Sagebrush Bar

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 999 EYES Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow presents TIME TRAP, a spook-a-licious evening of freaks, circus sideshow, burlesque, interactive & immersive performance art. Saturday, October 28th – ONE NIGHT ONLY!

TICKETS – Get ’em while they’re HOTT! <CLICK HERE>


Freaks! Oddities! Live Music! Dancing Girls! HOT CLOWNS!!!

Enter our fantastical vaudevillian world of freak shows, carny tents, and hoochie coochie stages of times past (and future!). Upon our mainstage swagger the most fabulous freak acts, sideshow performances, and esoerotic dancers of ALL SPACE and TIME. All acts ccompanied by LIVE MUSIC from our accordion-driven, dark carnival goblin folk musicians, THAT Damned Band – featuring guest musician Dr. $ick, of the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Then explore our immersive MIDWAY of MADNESS! See the MUSEUM ov MUTANTSTROSITIES, take a peek at our PEEP SHOW, test your luck at THE WHEEL oV FORTUNE, see what your future holds with our RAMBLING TAROTLOGIST. Indulge in cocktails, aphrodisiac elixirs, and tasty treats as you immerse yourself in the peculiar, provocative, and profane! Grrrrr!

Saturday, October 28th, 2023, 8pm to 1am

Costumes mandatory. We reserve the right to turn away any plain clothed guests at the door, without refund. Embrace your Ghostly and Ghouliest self and enter our COSTUME CONTEST if you DARE!

21+. Not for the chaste or the prudish!